Getting help has never been this easy

We realize it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right medical alert systems to meet your needs. After all, there are Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) options everywhere, and they all tout themselves as the best. At Medical Alert Southwest, our goal is to offer the best medical alert systems with fall detection on the market and combine that with unrivaled response time and top-grade, white glove customer service. We want you to have the peace of mind that you deserve. With so much attention to detail, why would you choose anyone else?


You deserve to live an independent lifestyle regardless of your age. But there’s a big difference between being independent and being alone. You should never be alone — especially when emergencies happen. You need help fast. It could be that you are out for your nightly walk on the trail and suffered a nasty fall. Maybe you’re cooking dinner for a special someone and suddenly feel dizzy and nauseated. Or, you decided to go out for a Sunday drive and can’t remember how to get back home.
Any of these scenarios can be scary and even life-threatening. But help is never far away if you have a personal emergency response system like On the Go or On the Go + Fall Protection. With one easy press of your pendant’s emergency alert button, you can summon help no matter where you are or what the reason. We really do take your safety and well-being seriously, even if you just need someone to talk to. Pushing a help button has never been so easy.
1: Unexpected medical emergencies
2: Customers who live alone
3: Children and college students
4: Driving late at night or traveling alone
5: Active senior adults
Once you have pressed the alert button, please stay on the line for the next available operator.


The biggest difference between our operators and other medical alarm systems is that we have a dedicated monitoring system on-call 24-7 to serve you or your family members. This is a pretty important distinction, as having our own call center allows us to provide a level of one-on-one service no one else can match. You will not be connected to a 911 operator. These are fast help medical alert professionals whose sole job is to provide a lifeline and ensure you receive the help you need in the fastest time possible. Our operators will:
1: Greet you by name
2: Stay on the phone for as long as you need
3: Call ambulance, fire, or police as needed
4: Call family members or friends as needed
If for some reason, communication cannot be established over the Medical Alert Southwest device, operators will dial any phone numbers we have on the list for the account. On the Go outdoes even the best mobile GPS medical alert systems on the market so that you can maintain a mobile and independent lifestyle. And it is backed by a team of professionals who respond to medical or other emergencies every minute of every day.


Now that you’re connected with one of our knowledgeable fast help medical alert operators, you can expect even faster help for your specific situation. For emergencies, that could mean dispatching an ambulance, fire department, or the local police. In other situations, the contact list you provided us upon registration can help us reach any family member or friend you have designated. Bottom line, we will be able to ascertain your exact location and get someone to you asap.
Bottom line, help is never far away when you have Medical Alert Southwest in your corner. Our staff is trained to offer compassion and reliability at every turn, and we will never rush you off the phone. We are there with you for however long you need us and will remain on the line until help is on-scene. You simply can’t get this level of service anywhere else.