Welcome to Medical Alert Southwest

A history of protecting individuals and families

For years, medical alert systems with fall detection were solely in-home devices improving home safety and featuring both a pendant and a landline-connected emergency alarm console. If you suffered a nasty fall or had a medical emergency, you could push a monitored alarm panic button for fast help. A dedicated monitoring center would communicate with you and get the help that you needed. However, emergency crews wouldn’t be able to talk to you. In other words, the system was limited to your home care needs; it wasn’t mobile.
Medical Alert Southwest was founded on the belief that if you need help, it should be available no matter where you are or what the situation, an ever-present life line. You could be out jogging, at work alone, or you could get lost and not know where you are. In the past, fast help medical alert technology wasn’t there for you in those situations. Now it’s here, and our goal is to ensure you are never alone in an emergency.
With top-of-the-line equipment, superior 24/7 U.S.-based monitoring services, and more than 30 years of unrivaled industry knowledge, Medical Alert Southwest offers the best mobile medical alert solutions on the market. We know what it takes to protect seniors and their families, and we care about your safety. We have gone to great lengths to cover all your bases so that you don’t have to. Our operators can dispatch whatever help you need, whether it’s friends, neighbors, family members, caretakers or the fire department and police.

The man behind the vision

The owner and president of Medical Alert Southwest is Al DeMarzo. Al has been in the security and medical alert systems industry since 1977 as both a decorated New Jersey police officer and EMT. Upon moving to the Dallas area in Texas in the early 1990’s, Al parlayed his love for helping people into the alarm company industry and was so good at his craft that he eventually became the first national field trainer for Westinghouse Security. By 2000, Al went out on his own to start DFW Alarm in Flower Mound, Texas, and built it into a million-dollar company known for personalized service and unrivaled protection for customers locally and nationwide.

Al has served on numerous national alarm association boards and committees, state alarm association boards and committees, and was the Director of the North Texas Alarm Association. Al holds an Oklahoma alarm manager license, Texas Manager registration, Texas instructor’s registration, and was a pioneer in making certified training a requirement for alarm personnel in Texas. The Texas State Fire Marshall also licenses Al as a Residential Fire Alarm Superintendent.

Al DeMarzo founder of Medical Alert Southwest

Al’s passion for people easily translates into the medical emergency response system industry, and he continues to do his job better than anyone. He’s heavily involved in his community, including organizations such as the Flower Mound Police Association, Humane Tomorrow, DFW Rescue Me, Denton County Friends of the Family, Denton County Meals on Wheels, Digikids Safety ID Program, Friends of Family, Texas Rangers Baseball Association, Passaic County Paws in the Park, Flower Mound Rotary, Lewisville Chamber of Commerce, and Center for Animal Research and Education.

A dedicated monitoring center vs. calling 911

It has been proven time and time again that the way we do customer service is way above the norm. People want personalized service, which is why we have outfitted ourselves with a U.S.-based dedicated medical alert monitoring center. With a simple push of a button, a distress call is generated and sent to our 24/7 emergency response center instead of a 911 operator. You will speak to a fast help medical alert professional whose sole job is to be there for you. They have access to all your personal information and medical history, and will stay on the phone with you for as long as you need it. Because of our medical alert systems with GPS and fall detection, we offer another layer of protection that helps us sense when a customer has fallen and needs medical assistance.

No matter the problem, we stick with you and offer compassionate assistance — even if you just need someone to talk to. While our medical emergency response systems are perfect for anyone, they can really come in handy for:

  • Individuals with limited mobility or at high risk of falling
  • Those with mental, physical, neurological, or sensory impairments
  • Someone living alone or those who may benefit from an extra layer of security
  • Anyone requiring additional support or assistance
Pricing & Plans

Medical Alert Southwest has the right subscription plans to meet any budget, including Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually. Choose the Annual Plan and save $60 per year along with a free activation! We even provide a lockbox that can be used by emergency personnel to access a customer’s home during an emergency without breaking down the front door

There is no equipment to buy, meaning you can return it at the conclusion of your service. Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is available in the event that our medical alert systems are not for you

We sincerely hope that we can be of service to you. Our promise and goal is that you’ll always trust Medical Alert Southwest with all of your medical emergency response systems needs and always be satisfied with our superior service

Belle, Belle+, and Libris 2

We know how important it is for you and your aging family members to be as independent as possible. Medical Alert Southwest offers Belle, Belle+, and Libris 2 as our state-of-the-art mobile medical alert pendant options. These pendants can be taken wherever you go. They are lightweight, waterproof, and have a built-in SIM card that allows you to place calls from anywhere you need help. Once you press the medical button, you’ll be connected to our medical alert monitoring center within mere seconds.

Trusted National Provider

Medical Alert Southwest provides the best medical alert systems for seniors right here in our own Dallas, Texas backyard as well as across the country. While other companies shy away from representing their local communities, we remain committed to clients of all ages, no matter where they live. It cannot be stated enough — your health, safety and well-being will always be our top priority

We always welcome feedback and will be the first to adjust our processes, pricing, and standards to meet your needs. Bottom line: we want to hear from you!