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We are a local, family-owned personal emergency response systems (PERS) company with a national presence who cares about mak-ing sure you and your family members young and old are connected to the best mobile GPS medical alert systems on the market. Our management team has been in the home security, fire alarm and PERS industry since 1977 and is committed to making sure your family is always protected.

In the past, old-fashioned alert devices only came in handy when emergencies struck in the home or at a specific monitored location. That’s because they were predominately used by and developed for senior citizens who weren’t living an active lifestyle. But what about situations where everyday people of any age and ability are walking alone on a nearby trail and twist their ankle on a rock? Or, they’re driving down a dark road late at night and either run out of gas or have an unexpected asthma attack? We call today’s devices medical alert systems because they are designed to address both medical emergencies and personal emergencies no matter how old you are or where you are – day or night. They are mobile and have GPS capabilities so that you or a loved one is constantly protected with a simple press of a button.

Belle and Belle+ (Belle Plus) are our two shower-proof mobile medical alert pendants designed to be taken wherever you go. When you press the emergency call button, an operator will quickly assess the situation and determine the next logical steps. Belle and Belle+ are almost identical in features with the exception that Belle+ pendants are medical alert systems with fall detection. What this means is that if you fall, the pendant will recognize you are in trouble and automatically place a call for help.

Well, hopefully, you won’t have to use it. But the idea is simple: wear it wherever you go. When you press the button, our dedicated monitoring center instantly receives the alarm signal through a cellular network and will attempt to communicate with you in real-time and ask if you need help. You are not charged for the number of times you press your pendant, so use it however frequently you need to. We are here for you.

That is the beauty behind Medical Alert Southwest and our Medical Alert Systems. Not every call you make to us will be an emergency, and not every emergency will require the assistance of an ambulance or doctor. When you sign up, you will provide us with emergency contact information for friends, relatives, neighbors, and anyone else you’d rather have us call on your behalf. If you can’t communicate, we will automatically dispatch emergency services to wherever you are.

Yes. Belle and Belle+ are 100% shower-proof and will still work in the event you have a nasty slip and fall in the shower. Our medical alert systems with fall detection can sense even the slightest slip and fall and get you the help you need.

Though highly unlikely, there are times where we will not be able to communicate with you. We are trained to never take a call for granted, even for the smallest of emergencies, and won’t hesitate to determine your location and send help immediately.

Orders are typically shipped the same day, depending on what time of day you place your order. We ship USPS Priority Mail.

Medical Alert Southwest offers free USPS Priority Mail shipping for anyone who has a quarterly or annual plan with us. The cost is $14.95 for all monthly plans and individual accessories. Shipping can be upgraded for $30. Call us if you’d like to upgrade.

To get the process started, you can also place your order online or you can call us directly at 972-355-0086.

Of course! We are here to help in any way we can. We’ve also created easy to understand instructions with each shipment.

All of our systems have been tested prior to shipping. In the unlikely event that a system has been damaged in transit, contact us immediately for a replacement.

After discontinuing service, simply mail the system back and there will be no other charges.

We offer a 30-day, money back guarantee on all orders.