On the Go + Fall Protection
Greater Capabilities,
Advanced Features

Feel Safe and More Connected Than Ever


Fall Detection


Fully Mobile


Cloud Monitoring

With the On the Go + Fall Protection, everything you need for personal safety is in the cloud. We have taken the advanced features of the traditional mPERS (Personal Emergency Response System) and kicked them up several notches with the addition of the revolutionary EverThere cloud service. On the Go + Fall Protection offers a proactive and all-encompassing solution for active seniors, lone workers, and people who are regularly at risk for nasty slips and falls. Want to learn more?

Detect falls more reliably

Imagine a device that can tell the difference between a person falling versus when it is accidentally dropped on the ground. The On the Go + Fall Protection uses intuitive algorithms and 4 built-in fall sensors to reliably and accurately pinpoint a legitimate human fall. It’s the groundbreaking fall detection technology you’ve been waiting for.

Instant two-way communication

In the event of a fall, you don’t have to worry about pressing a button to alert us to your emergency. The On the Go + Fall Protection automatically calls for help — even if you are unconscious and unable to do so yourself.
This helps you when you need it most and gives the response team a chance to determine their next move. This device features state-of-the-art call and audio quality for faster response times.

On the Go + Fall Protection is mobile — Just like you

There’s no more worrying about being unprotected when you’re away from home. On the Go + Fall Protection is a wearable device with 4G/LTE support and built-in GPS and location-based services that works in tandem with the EverThere technology to ensure emergency help always know precisely where you are and how to get to you quickly. More importantly, On the Go + Fall Protection has a battery life of up to 48 hours.

Charge on the go

Small and lightweight charging cradles with internal magnets are available to ensure your On the Go + Fall Protection device is always charged. Simply plug it into the cradle whenever you are on the go. The cradle can also be adapted for mobile charging when traveling.